It is only by His power and grace we can do any good.
We are praying and striving for the salvation of the Czech People.
May the Lord Jesus be glorified, even by us, even by the people of Czech Republic.


For 2012-2013 we are teaming up with the Czech branch of Alpha Courses to place a large scale
advertising campaign for this very popular & effective form of evangelism in the Czech Republic.

our ad, draft #1...
Our 2011 outreach concert was well executed, bibles and flyers were distributed, the Lord was
praised in song and word, people were asked to follow Christ. (Dec. 9th, 2011, Old Town Square, Prague)

Czech Republic: the unreached and unreachable people
Anyone born in the Czech Republic has one main thing in common,
virutally a 100% chance of not ever hearing about the redemptive work
of Jesus Christ, never having to question the dogma of evolutionary
origins of life, never experiencing the love and life we were made for.

This, the result of communist history, newly found materialism and,
possibly, deeply rooted unbelief (the land and the people are refered to as
"Bohemia"), coupled with the ineffectivness of traditional evangelism
and Christian outreach, makes for one of the hardest to reach people groups.

Czech in Mission - Mission to Czech, was formed as a different kind of
mission agency. We are active (even more so than cults, the Mormons or even
Jehovahs Witnesses) in connecting with people everywhere in the Czech Republic.
On the streets, in the subway or city bus, in the town squares, seminars,
outreach concerts etc. Our number one priority is to share the gospel one on one
and personally interact with as many people as humanly possible.

To overcome the extraordinary odds, we are asking all who are called by His name
to join us in prayer, in action and in any way possible and impossible to reach
the people of Czech Republic.



Why Serve the Lord in the Czech Republic

There may be exotic and hard-to-reach

locations with un-reached tribes. There may be

countries with dominant (sometimes militant)

religions. But in the center of Europe in Czech

Republic, hiding under the facade of educated,

culturally rich and modern hard-working

society, are people, individuals, who seem to be

destined for eternity without their creator.

It is hard to estimate the total Christian

population of Czech Republic, membership in

Bible-believing churches amounts to about 0.4%

(relatively liberal count) and born-again

Catholics are quite rare, as most are nominal at

best, but it is safe to say that it likely doesn’t

exceed 0.5% of the total population. Reformed

churches are quite difficult to find, unless one is

invited and visits with a friend, these would be

impossible to find all together. There are no

signs, no greeters, usually just a very plain

meeting place.

Therefore, the spiritual need is great. The

sense of lost-ness is overwhelming, but out of

this darkness a small and powerful light is

shining. The Christian churches are very much

on fire (be it inwardly in some cases). The teaching is so enriched by


the ever-present sense

of people being lost outside, the brotherhood is

that much stronger, and members that much

more involved in the services and the affairs of

the church.

There is a definite sense of the Lord working

in and through His people there. Many churches

have started small outreach congregations.

Various denominations cooperate on evangelical

projects. In 2009, a new Czech translation of the

Holy Bible (Bible 21) was printed in a modern,

easy-to-read language, and together with other

translations the Bible became the best selling

book in the Czech Republic in 2009.

“…The harvest is plentiful but the workers are

few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to

send out workers into his harvest field” Mat. 9:37-38